Minnesota’s GOP Pharaohs: The Shell Game

pharaoh-pawlenty1.jpgLast week, Pharaoh Tim-Pawlenty-kamun decided to play shell games with the people of Minnesota:

After opening the door to a gas tax increase a few weeks ago, Gov. Tim Pawlenty is describing the size of a bump he’d accept.

The Republican governor says he would prefer to keep the increase at a nickel or less, and tie it to a reduction in taxes elsewhere in the state budget.


The whole flipping reason for raising the gas tax was to increase revenue, not cut it — or give Tim Pawlenty and his fellow anti-tax pharaohs Marty Seifert, Phil Krinkie and Carol Molnau an excuse to cut rich people’s taxes more than they already have — especially when the rich have been the only actual beneficiaries of the Bush “boom”, in Minnesota and in the rest of the nation.

Ah, but that was last week. Now it looks like he and his Republican buddies are trying to weasel out of a special session (and any sort of tax rise) altogether.  Really and truly, and after the state Dems bent over backwards (way too far, really) to accomodate him — I kid thee not.

Of course, this is what he always does: Makes a promise in public, then looks for way to sabotage it behind closed doors. He’s done this over and over and over again.

And it’s not as if he’s doing the public’s will by opposing a special session and a gas-tax increase; polling at the Minnesota State Fair last week showed overwhelming public support for a ten-cent increase in the gas tax — twice Pawlenty’s feeble proposal of last week, which he later junked in favor of no increase at all.

Tell Pawlenty to cut the crap and call for a special session, without any of his jackbooted “preconditions”: 651-296-3391 or 800-657-3717.

We’ve had the First Plague (the 35W bridge collapse), the Second Plague (the flooding in southeast Minnesota) and the ongoing Third Plague (the drought that’s killing the crops in the rest of the state). How many more plagues does Pharaoh Tim need to see to soften up his hard heart? Will it take the full ten for him to summon up the guts to blow off his buddies over at the (Rich) Taxpayers’ League? Will the state have to be destroyed before he sees the light?

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