The blustering, rude Faux News pontificator had Mike Rogers on last night and it was great (save for Faux getting the chyron wrong — it said “Rodgers”). Hannity was so weak trying to spin the Craig matter.

Mike was on point right out of the box:

“Larry Craig is a hypocrite. He is an anti-gay, closeted individual who has sex with other men. We have reported on men from different places in the country, at Union Station in Washington, DC, we see he’s been arrested and has offered some preposterous explanations, and clearly the case is not going to be thrown out. Legal experts across the country have said the only way that he can get this case tossed out is if he proves to the judge that he doesn’t speak English.”

More from PageOneQ:

While Craig did commit a crime, Rogers argues that Republicans have a double standard when it comes to punishing lawmakers who have run-ins with the law. “It’s astonishing to me to see, regardless of this incident, how there’s a different set of rules for Larry Craig because he was with men, then say a Rep. Kevin Brady, who was guilty of a drunk driving offense.”

Host Sean Hannity quickly responded that “I would say there are a different set of rules for Clinton, or for Jerry Studs,” alluding to sexual indiscretions. Rogers countered, “But Bill Clinton was impeached!”

Mike has the video up at BlogActive.


Have you had enough schadenfreude yet?

When you have headlines like “Bathroom Sex Senator Hires Vick’s Lawyer” paired with “Idaho Sen. Craig reconsidering decision to resign,” you know that things are getting deliciously downright ugly for the anti-gay GOP pols and leadership, and it’s their own fault. The knickers are now definitely in a twist as they have to deal with a defiant Craig. Has he decided to kick open a few closet doors of his friends on the Hill now that they’ve publicly stabbed him in the back? Let’s see how many former “outraged” GOP pols start treading lightly or fall silent. That should tell you something.

[UPDATE: As many of you have noted, Roll Call has Craig’s voicemail to the wrong number, where he left this message, intended for his attorney, Billy Martin. It’s clear that the Idaho senator was leaving the door open to fight for his seat:

“Yes, Billy, this is Larry Craig calling. You can reach me on my cell. Arlen Specter is now willing to come out in my defense, arguing that it appears by all that he knows that I have been railroaded and all that.

“Having all of that, we have reshaped my statement a little bit to say it is my intent to resign on Sept. 30. I think it is important for you to make as bold a statement as you are comfortable with this afternoon, and I would hope you could make it in front of the cameras.

“I think it would help drive the story that I’m willing to fight, that I’ve got quality people out there fighting in my defense, and that this thing could take a new turn or a new shape, it has that potential. Anyway, give me a buzz or give Mike a buzz on that. We’re headed to my press conference now. “Thank you. Bye.”


Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding