Sen. Mitch McConnell , the Senate Republican leader who threatened Sen. Larry Craig with a full investigation of his bathroom tango in Minnesota, now all of a sudden is getting cold feet about the witch hunt.

McConnell twice declined to answer when asked whether he believes Craig should quit his seat. “My view remains what I said last Saturday. I thought he made the difficult, but correct decision to resign. That would still be my view today,” he said.

McConnell told reporters that Craig had told him that if he fails to have his guilty plea dismissed by Sept. 30, “it is his intention to resign from the Senate.”

If he does win the dismissal of the guilty plea, “it would be his intention to come back to the Senate to deal with the ethics committee case ? and try to finish his term.”

From Talking Points Memo:

So, why is McConnell softening up after running over Craig with the GOP bus?

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding