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The slippery slope of the GOP hypocrites

And Larry Craig’s kids know all about them now. They actually believe their father’s toe-tapping story.

“We’ve known him our whole life. He has been so trustworthy to us, so honest to us, that we believe him,” Michael Craig said. Among the questions he and his sister Shae Howell said they asked their father was “what exactly happened in that bathroom,” and they tried to “break down definitions of what words mean,” including semantic definitions of sex, Michael Craig said.

“Maybe it wasn’t sexual intercourse, but were these sexual actions? Were there sexual feelings? All these terrible things that were said in the media, we asked all those tough questions,” Michael Craig said. “I don’t want to have an answer based on a legality or technicality or semantics of the words. We wanted to know exactly what happened and after speaking to our dad, we know exactly what happened.”

What angers them, however, is how their dad was drop-kicked by his colleagues. And about those “friends” of Craig on the Hill?

The family is angry that so many of his father’s colleagues on Capitol Hill had failed to support him in the scandal.

They “made their decision and formed their opinion about it without even talking to my dad,” said Shae Howell. “So that was a little frustrating and disappointing too.”

Dem presidential candidate Mike Gravel addresses the issue of the bind the GOP leadership is in. In his appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher. Maher asks Gravel why gays, particularly these Republican Sexual Hypocrites, would join a party that doesn’t want them. Gravel responds:

GRAVEL: “Because they are hypocrites, they talk about these values…it’s very sad. There’s nothing wrong with the sex, it’s the problem of the hypocrisy. They need to come out of the closet — then they’d be normal. [Applause.]  …It truly is a tragedy because it’s our culture that drives them into the closet, and being in the closet brings out all these perversions. There’s nothing wrong with the sex, it’s the way they approach it, and the hypocrisy and them pointing…like Craig, you know. He was the one talking about Clinton being a “bad boy…bad boy.” [audience laughter].

MAHER: “It’s guys like Larry Craig, the senator who force guys like Larry Craig the man into the airport toilet.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding