ph2007090301399.jpgUpdate:  CNN says Larry Craig is “reconsidering” his resignation.  Run, Larry run!

After having been the target of the right wing smear machine for outing Larry Craig, the recent adventures of “wide stance Larry” have been vindication for Mike Rogers:

Rogers, sitting on a club chair in his Northwest Washington apartment, is basking in the attention. For three years now, he’s been a feared one-man machine, “outing,” he says, nearly three dozen senior political and congressional staffers, White House aides and, most damagingly, Congress members on his blog. On Capitol Hill, a typical phone call from Rogers — “Are you gay?” he’d ask — is “a call from Satan himself,” says a former high-ranking congressional staffer whose name is on the list.

Rogers reasons that there’s justice behind his tactics — “odious,” “outrageous” and “over-the-line” as they might seem to his detractors.

In Rogers’s mind, if you’re against gay rights in your public life and you live a secret homosexual life, all bets are off.

Congratulations to Mike. His work was solid and it’s been fun to watch the whole episode send the GOP — and Faux News — into shrieking bouts of cognitive dissonance.

Gay Old Party, indeed.

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