[Update: Here’s DeYoung’s take.]

So I’ve been holding my breath to see what Karen DeYoung and Tom Ricks had to say about today’s GAO report. After all, they were leaked the draft report last week, and they anticipated that BushCo might "soften" the report. Since there are clear signs the Administration did just that, I have been eagerly waiting for them to give us a catalog of the changes the Administration forced the GAO to make.

But I’m still holding my breath.

After posting soley the AP report for hours after the other mainstream outlets had posted their own stories, the WaPo is up with it’s own account finally. Only it’s not by DeYoung or Ricks.

Instead, we get an amazingly vanilla account of Comptroller General David Walker’s testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, without even a treatment of Walker’s suggestion that Petraeus is cooking the books.

For the moment, I’ll just assume I’m being impatient, that DeYoung or Ricks will have a full reporting comparing the two reports–and pointing out the clear spin–tomorrow. But I do hope they write this story before the Bush counter-campaign begins.



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