15_giuliani_lg.jpgRudy Giuliani can’t get a firefighter to save his life.

Rudy wants you to think he’s an American hero. After all, he put an emergency response center in the middle of the biggest terror target in America. He also did not equip firefighters with essential communications equipment.

Everybody knows that, right? Just in case you’re behind, you should check out a series of videos authorized by The International Association of Firefighters telling us what a disastrous Mayor Rudy was.

Rudy’s desperate to cling to the tattered image he savored in the wake of 9/11. But it seems that he can’t even get a legal endorsement from any firefighters. The South Carolina Firefighters Association (not to be confused with the IAFF), a 501(c)3 organization apparently endorsed Rudy after some serious swooning by the (non) Hero himself at their State convention.

Shortly thereafter, the (non) Hero’s campaign released a “whopping” list of nearly 200 firefighters and first responders who support his fantabulous candidacy. The Executive Director of the aforementioned organization is the Co-Chair, representing his (c)3 organization with (illegal) pride.

Being from South Carolina, I really wanted to put this in perspective. I mean, nearly 200 first responders endorse Rudy. That sounds impressive. However, there are tens of thousands of first responders in SC. If you count the retired ones, it’s a much bigger ball of wax.

Now that nearly 200 sounds pretty pathetic doesn’t it? But, then again Giuliani is pretty pathetic. Does he even have a core set of values?

Lane Hudson

Lane Hudson

Lane Hudson started blogging in July of 2006. By the end of September, he posted the emails from Mark Foley to a 16 year old page. Thus began the scandal known as Foley-gate.

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