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cuffsThe Lovely and Talented Jeralyn points us to the fact that there were some issues concerning Larry Craig’s arrest, and that his lawyers may be the ones who advised him that he might score in an appeal motion:

If true, I suspect it means Craig’s lawyers have advised him he is likely to prevail on a motion to withdraw his plea. The most obvious ground I think is the failure of the mail-in plea form to advise him of his right to counsel. (Plea form is here, pdf)

Please, Senator Craig, by all means, you must appeal. We really, really want you to run in 2008. It would mean the world to us. I think I speak for everyone in Lefty Blogistan when I say that it is you, Senator Craig, who symbolize everything that the Republican Party stands for, and that no one would be better suited to carry the water torch for the GOP in Idaho in the coming election cycle.

And as a gesture of good faith, I would like to thank you profusely for mulishly and obstinately refusing to slink away in shame over the scurrilous and patently false charges that you’re a totally major ass-bandit like myself. I know that no matter how many strange men a Republican deep throats in a public toilet, that man can never, ever be gay. Not if he’s married and in good standing with The Party. To call such a man “gay” would be vile and slanderous calumny.

You are absolutely right to stick to your guns and refuse to back down. Stand tall, Senator Craig, for at least another week. Why?

Let’s go to TPM:


TPM Reader KB understands the nexus between imperialism and 24 hour cable …

If Sen. Larry Craig reconsiders and steps all over Gen. Petraeus’ week of surge, Bill Kristol’s head will explode. That Penatagon media war room they set up will be useless in the face of this cable TV zoo.

Wouldn’t that just be delicious? All the millions of dollars worth of spin and PR that the White House and the NeoCons have put into General Petraeus’ Magical September Moment may well be wasted. All the fatuous crap about having it on the anniversary of 9/11, all of it, gone, poof! Because if there is, in fact, one thing on this earth that Big Media loves more than a rich, dead blond, it would have to be the spectacle of a nasty, mushrooming Gay Republican Sex Scandal. Mmmmm-mm.

BREAKING AT PRESS TIME: God, and the story just keeps getting weirder.

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