Check out Robert Greenwald’s Brave New Films and its look at The Real Rudy.

At a recent debate in Iowa, Rudy Giuliani was asked, “In 30 seconds, what is a defining mistake of your life and why?” He made a joke about how he couldn’t possibly list all his mistakes in 30 seconds. Ha!

There’s also a poll to vote on Rudy’s biggest mistake. You can choose from:
* faulty radios for firefighters
* married three times
* “open and notorious adultery”
* flip-flopping on abortion
* daughter backs Obama for president
* looking bad in drag
* annulled marriage to second cousin
* emergency command center in #1 terror target
* estranged from children
* Bernie Kerik

Media Matters has a handy slew of mistakes as well.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding