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More “Ex-Gay” Lunacy

I've said it before, and I'll say it again – the so-called “ex gays” are too loony for words, and they're not a group to be believed, ever.

The “ex gay” wackos are constantly going apeshit, and accusing openly gay people of not allowing them any room.

Why should we?

The “ex gays” have done nothing but talked shit about the gay community; have accused them of doing the things they've done in the past, painting each and every one as drug addicts and sluts, as they claim they used to be. They have accused gays of being pedophiles, which obviously must mean they raped a few kids when they were openly gay. They have suggested nothing less to gays than imprisonment, being quarantined, being executed; should not be allowed to have employment; should not be eligible for civil unions/legal contracts, much less gay marriage. And of course must be forced into destructive “ex gay” therapy.

If the “ex gays” approached the issue more calmly, they might be allowed some room to talk. But these “big name ex gays” (Cothran, Glatze, Sanchez, Bennett, etc) have proven themselves to be lunatics, and one in particular, treacherous and two-faced (Chambers). The more well-known “ex gays” I guess you can say would be the equivalent of the more well known and louder gay activists, such as Larry Kramer and Rosie O'Donnell.

The gay community doesn't go around threatening to punish the “ex gays”, but they will be defensive (some more vocal than others) when the “ex gays” threaten just those things, with their rarely-read bible in hand. From day 1, the “ex gays” have done nothing but attacked the gay community – they have not tried to converse politely, and when they do, it's as unauthentic as anything that comes out of Alan Chamber's mouth. Face it – these guys are so fakely holier-than-thou, it's unbelievable. And the majority of them are caught fucking around with the same sex again anyway, so they have no room to be preaching about morality. They claim they've “left the gay lifestyle”, when they most certainly haven't – they're all-consumed with all things gay, and especially the sex aspect of it.

On to the recent news……

Gay bloggers are outraged at an “ex gay” comic, which features a violent riot between militant gay activists, and militant nazis. It's a total guilt trip, even to gays who've never engaged in sexual contact. Nazi propaganda, promoted by “ex gays”. And these guys wonder why the gay community isn't friendly with them.

The violent and nutty comic can be found here.

Source: Queertardo
Follow-up: Queertardo

Source: Kevin Kaatz

And if the “ex gay” comic isn't enough, members of PFOX (parents and friends of ex-gays) are claiming they were attacked by gay activists, at an Arlington county fair. The police have been contacted, and they claim no attack or incident involving the gays and “ex-gays” were reported. I'm going to use my good judgement, based on how the “ex gays” work, and always have worked…..they're full of shit. I know the “ex gays” are a bunch of screaming crybabies, and lunatics at that, so they definitely would have called the 5-0 had they been attacked by gay people. Those kooky fucks would have gladly jumped on that opportunity.

As I've said to other bloggers, this is just one of the many ways the “ex gays” have tried to pull a “reichstag fire” to blame on the gay community.

And the “ex gays” wonder why gays refuse to play nicely with them.

Everyone who's gay knows the republicans are assholes. They've done some pretty fucked up things all these years, but I have to honestly say nothing the republicans have done can rival to the venom of the “ex gays”. The republicans hate the gays, no doubt. But the “ex gays” (and their supporters) are so fucked up, it's so obvious they want to see the gay community exterminated. The kooks use the works of Paul Cameron – duh!  Anyone who uses Paul Cameron's work is indirectly saying they want Auschwitz for the gay community.

The good thing is more people are figuring out the “ex gays” are nothing but bitter, rejected, self-loathing, sex-obsessed, perverted fiends, and nobody should give them the time of day. The whole “ex gay” thing was a money making scheme to begin with, and it's still a money making scheme ran by lunatics, and nothing more.

Source: NGBlog

Source: Queetardo

*Funny “Ex-Gay” Video Bonus!!*

Queetardo on “ex gay” Mike Ensley, with hilarious unbelievable video

Queertardo on another hilarious “ex gay” video, by Exodus 

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