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Morning Cuppa: Bush In Retirement

Bush BiographerGeorge Bush is an ambitious man. Apparently our President has two major goals he wants to accomplish after he retires from the White House, as revealed to Robert Draper, who’s writing a book on the Bush Presidency. That’s Robert, staring incredulously at our President who is showing him a copy of his Plan for Victory in Iraq, in a photo by Eric Draper.

First, he wants to prove that he can make more than the $50,000 – $75,000 fee his dad gets for each speaking engagement. A worthy goal for any insecure son. He can tell his enraptured audiences how he started several wars, then mismanaged and lost them all, although he may have to check Hadley’s notes to recall how all that happened.

Second, he wants to spend time at his proposed “Freedom Institute,” where he’ll help teach young conservatives how he spread freedom and democracy around the world, while strengthening America’s own democratic principles and institutions. There’ll be a special course on how to weed out and bully protestors at your speeches. There will also be a special historical exhibit showing a completely redacted copy of the last warrant ever issued by a FISA court.

I had no idea the New York Times would devote its front page to such absurd satire. Does Bill Keller know?

Update: For more on life with those wonderful wacky wascals in the White House, here’s WaPo’ sneak peek. Marcy has the translation.

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