The Hip Prop’s Excellent Youtube Link

For those of you who are TRex fans, and I am certainly one of them, you may have come here to Late Late Night expecting to hang out with the hipsters;

And what do you find?


I’m not down on myself or anything, but you have to admit, hip= Prop? maybe not.

Many Thanks to Littleprop who hooked me up with the cool YouTube above. I never would have found anything so current on my own.

Since it’s late on a holiday weekend, I thought we could treat this as kind of an open thread. So very much news happened this past week (was it only last Monday that AGAG resigned? Seemed like months ago).

So, I’m gonna pour a glass of merlot and join the late late night soiree conversation. There’s also some very nice Vermont cheddar if anybody’s hungry.



In rugby, the looseheadprop is the player in the front row of the scrum, who has the ability to collapse the scrum, pretty much at will and without the referee knowing who did it.
While this can give the LHP's team a great tactical advantage, it also exposes scrum players from both teams to the dangers of catastrophic spinal cord injury.
Consequently, playing this position makes you understand your responsibility to put doing the right thing ahead of winning, and to think beyond your own wants and desires. It also makes you very law and order oriented.