Oh, fuck off. Just fuck off already.

All you have to read from Bill Kristol’s latest Weekly Standard column is this :

Kill the Die-in
Surely most critics of the war still have a sense of decency.
by William Kristol

The point of Kristol’s column, if there is one, is that there will be a Die-in in Washington where participants will hold up a picture or the name of one of the nearly 4000 American soldiers who have been killed in Bill Kristol’s pet war…. and Bill finds the use of these soldiers names without the permission of their families “grotesque”.

Bill Kristol should be made to visit the families of each of these soldiers to explain why he thinks the loss of their son, daughter, brother, sister, husband or wife was a noble thing, while his kids attend Ivy league schools. Then each member of the family gets to kick him in the balls.

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