A jacket more exciting than you…

From my guilty reading pleasures, a moment of Zen from Territory Ahead:

A blazer from the other side of the racks. The one with a world-wise edge, not afraid to ride the subway after dark or take a late-night stroll through the park. Shakes off the cue stick cracked across the shoulders. Gets the girl. Your girl. A blazer with brass. It’s the no-nonsense, full-grain leather: maverick black and tumbled to exceptional vintage caste. It’s the swagger-happy fit, too – loose-tailored, anti-blazer blazer. Accounts for the cool bravado of the detailing…

Once upon a time I wrote copy for a women’s catalog, and I had to describe the ‘features and benefits’ of a numbing cream that women were to offer to men (in the most delicate manner possible) designed to help the man last longer when they were, as my grandmother referred to it: “hitting it”. My task was to come up with a phrase that described the effect of the cream in a tasteful manner but to leave no doubt, which is when I came up with the phrase “...delays the culmination of his endeavors.

It’s a fine art, you know….

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