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LaBabs on the Larry Craig scandal

Looks like Peter LaBarbera (aka “Porno Pete”, “LaBabs”, or my personal favorite…”LaBitch”) is blaming the whole LGBT community on the Larry Craig scandal.  I found this article on the AFA’s little nasty cow pie, OneNewsNow.  My responses are in bold text.

Homosexual activists legimitize public lewdness, says pro-family activist
Jim Brown
August 31, 2007

A leading pro-family expert on the homosexual agenda says many homosexual activists enable the same promiscuity that U.S. Senator Larry Craig is accused of pursuing.

Senator Larry Craig (R-Idaho) pled guilty to disorderly conduct charges stemming from his arrest in a bathroom at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, yet now claims he did nothing inappropriate. Although an undercover officer says Craig solicited him for homosexual sex, the senator vehemently claims the officer misconstrued his behavior. In a public statement on Tuesday, Craig stated that he is not “gay” and never has been.

Both Sen. Craig and LaBitch are in the state of denial.

Peter LaBarbera, executive director of Americans for Truth, says one homosexual group actually publishes a book that advises men how to avert criminal charges when engaging in public lewdness.

I wonder if he has a copy for…um, “research”.

“It seems that the homosexual movement is complicit in a lot of this behavior because they’re not just telling homosexuals to stop,” he says. “When you have a major legal organization like Lambda Legal actually publishing a book to help these so-called ‘cruisers,’ which are men cruising for secret sex on the side like this — when you have organizations like that enabling it, it seems that they are also complicit in this sort of behavior.”

If he thinks that bad, wait until he hears that hets do it in public restrooms as well.  There are porn videos of something like that.

He says that he has never met anyone who hangs around public restrooms “peeking through the cracks of stalls. We all know this is perverted, deviant, homosexual behavior.” LaBarbera says Craig needs to resign immediately due to his “perverted, deviant” homosexual behavior.

1. What about the perverted, deviant GOP behavior that consumed Craig, Latham, Haggard, Foley, Allen, and that Young Republican who teabags sleeping dudes?

2.LaBabs also needs to resign for sharing little cow pies that he calls “the truth” with us.  I’m sure that he haven’t met anybody hanging out at the public restroom, but he couldn’t deny that met people at a leather convention.

According to LaBarbera, anonymous sexual encounters in public are a common practice among many in the homosexual community, noting decades after the AIDS crisis, homosexual activity is on the rise in public bathhouses.

LaBitch forgot two things:
1. How about the hets who have sex in public?  Is LaBitch ignoring that fact and focus more on the cruisers?  It’s not like the first time he had done that.
2. Don’t forget the homosexuals who do it in the bedroom (well, private anyway).  That counts as the majority of the LGBT community.  LaBitch is just picking out the cruisers and claim that they represent the rest of the community.  For shame.

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