gop-pants-fire2.jpgI had to share this with you all as it is so very, very typical of how Republicans and conservatives argue.

I had made a post on my blog on the predictive powers of Al Gore, as noted by Robert Parry of The Consortium. (Parry’s also the main reason we know as much as we do about the Iran-Contra scandal — and that is most likely the reason he, who once was a reporter for Newsweek, no longer has a job in the mainstream GOP/Media Complex. But I digress.)

Charming little Republican disinfo drone Rick G reaches into his old bag of Gore quotes pulled out of context to smear Al. But he doesn’t realize that, unlike the typical low-information folk and conservative activists with whom he deals, we actually know the truth and the whole truth about the smears he’s pimping — for instance, the full context of certain speeches which he’s selectively edited.

As my co-blogger Charles said, after he disembowelled Rick: “You can lie as much as you like and you will not diminish Al Gore by a millimeter. But you do diminish yourself.”

Yeah, and besides, you run through an awful lot of pants, when they keep catching on fire like this.

Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman