Since no one will say it…

Well, somebody probably did say it somewhere but I’m not going to go looking for it.

As I was saying…. I’m really surprised that there was so much pressure on Larry Craig to resign. It was, after all, a misdemeanor and although some people find it icky, as crimes go, it’s not much of one.

It’s a sad fact that a large segment of our society sees fit to make people feel they need to stay in the closet, and it’s sadder fact that people like Craig are compelled to seek “release” through anonymous bathroom sex where they run the risk of, at best, running into a police sting or, worse still , incurring the mighty vengeance of Tucker Carlson, Scourge of the Toilet Tramps.

Making Craig the poster boy for Republican sleaze is like making Rafael Palmeiro the poster boy for steroids. There are so many other better candidates.

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