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“…some of my best friends are homosexual”

It's hilarious when Jim Naugle, Peter LaBarbera, or any of these other homosex-obsessed wackos goes on a crazy anti-gay nazi tirade, and then ends with the tired and lame “I'm not homophobic; some of my best friends are homosexuals”.


For one, they're lying.

And two, if they're “some of your best friends”, then why are you talking about your friends like that?

If I was one of their “best friends”, and I just heard my “good friend” publicly say all these untrue and horrible things about me, I'd show up on his front porch and beat his ass! But that's just me.

When Peter LaBarbera ends his nutty anti-gay piss-wallowing tirade on the gay community with “some of my good friends are gay”, what he REALLY means is his “EX-GAY” friends, who he knows as well as I do that they're still gay. But they're his friends because they profit off of demonizing the gay community, like himself. Many of these “ex gays” marries a woman, with the sometimes occasional (but mostly frequent) “slip” – when they're caught in gay bars, all-male orgies, and public restrooms similar to Mr. Larry Craig this past week.

Bullshit these guys are best friends with any sane and self-respecting gay person!

Their version of “having gay friends” can be compared to Hitler and Röhm's partnership!

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