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craigtom-1.jpgUpdate: AP says Craig will resign tomorrow. (*sniff*)

Think Progress says that Larry Craig will announce his decision regarding his political future tomorrow. I’m hoping the stubborn old bird will stick around, despite the fact that the governor has already chosen his replacement — Lt. Governor Jim Risch. In this difficult hour TBogg has some insight into this terrible tragedy:

I have to admit that even I am stunned at the virulence that Republicans have have expressed against Senator Larry Craig, and so quickly I might add. Loss of his committee leadership posts, calls for his resignation, nobody wants to share an ice cream cone with him anymore…. sad, so very sad.

If only he had not been so gay and had, instead, just checked into a hotel room, donned a diaper, and fucked a couple of hookers like a normal Republican. They are conservatives and thinking outside the box is just unacceptable.

Meanwhile, MSNBC has still not dealt with its Tucker Carlson problem. Dan Abrams is a lawyer. Under what circumstances, no matter what the provocation, is it legal to go back a half hour later with an accomplice and beat someone up? That’s called vigilante justice, it’s against the law and it reflects the yahoo mentality that has dragged this country into such a precarious place. It does not make you a “man.”

Even Tucker knows it was wrong, that’s why his story changed so drastically. What it all has to do with Larry Craig’s situation I’m not sure, but it certainly shows Carlson to be one sick asshole.

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