Glenn Greenwald on Vitter, Craig and the conservative moralists

It’s nice that Glenn makes it easy for me to go out of town. No need for additional keystrokes from me when you can read his column, Forcing Larry Craig’s resignation while embracing David Vitter; it scorches the GOP and professional Beltway “Christians.” A snippet:

The only kind of “morality” that this movement knows or embraces is politically exploitative, cost-free morality. That is why the national Republican Party rails endlessly against homosexuality and is virtually mute about divorce and adultery: because anti-gay moralism costs virtually all of its supporters nothing (since that is a moral prohibition that does not constrain them), while heterosexual moral deviations — from divorce to adultery to sex outside of marriage — are rampant among the Values Voters faithful and thus removed from the realm of condemnation. Hence we have scads of people sitting around opposing same-sex marriage because of their professed belief in “Traditional Marriage” while their “third husbands” and multiple step-children and live-in girlfriends sit next to them on the couch.

… It goes without saying that no gay candidate would stand a chance of receiving the presidential nomination from the party that stands for Traditional Marriage. And indeed, the Idaho Family Values Association (entitled to great respect), in the wake of the Craig scandal, just called — explicitly — for the Republican Party to purge all gay politicians from the party:

The Party, in the wake of the Mark Foley incident in particular, can no longer straddle the fence on the issue of homosexual behavior. Even setting Senator Craig’s situation aside, the Party should regard participation in the self-destructive homosexual lifestyle as incompatible with public service on behalf of the GOP.

But they would never call for the exclusion from the Party of political figures who dumped their wives and are on their “second marriage” or “third marriage” — actions at least equally deviant from principles of “traditional marriage” as anything Sen. Craig did and which wreck the lives of Our Children far more — because so many of their pious supporters engage in the same behavior, as Idaho’s traditionally high divorce rates (.pdf) demonstrate.

And don’t forget, there was much said in the bible about adultery and divorce, a tome the Right frequently drags out to beat gays with. And what about the whole shebang about wearing mixed fibers and eating shellfish? Oh, yeah, that doesn’t matter either with that crowd.

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