OMFG, how humilating.

Ted Haggard’s Daddy Dobson-approved Spiritual De-Gaying Oversight Squad has released a statement in light of the disgraced pastor, former male escort client and meth purchaser’s outrageous fundraising plea to the faithful to support the lifestyle to which he had been accustomed while heading up New Life Church. (Ted promised the suckers his followers that they would be “rewarded in heaven” for supporting him.)

Ted had planned to move into a Phoenix halfway house, the Dream Center, where he would “minister to men” there while working toward his degree in counseling, but alas, that invitation was just withdrawn.

The restoration team — godly, clean men who inserted themselves into the life of the fallen pastor, were not pleased. (Rocky Mountain News):

“Mr. Haggard’s solicitation for personal support was inappropriate,” his church supervisors said in the statement. The statement came one day after the four-member team of ministers responsible for overseeing the spiritual restoration of Haggard met with him in Phoenix.

Last week, Haggard had e-mailed a KRDO-TV reporter in Colorado Springs, asking that supporters send contributions to Families with a Mission, a Monument non-profit run by Paul Huberty, a twice convicted sex offender.

“It was never the intention of the Dream Center that Mr. Haggard would provide any counsel or other ministry…Mr. Haggard will not be moving in or working with the Dream Center. He will not be doing any ministry. He will be seeking secular employment to support himself.”

Dan Savage from Slog, whose reader Dave Coffman discovered Ted’s request for cash was to flow through a dissolved non-profit run by a convicted sex offender, said:

Oh, man. What a great day. I fucking live for the day when every asshole out there bilking gullible Christians out of their hard-earned dough — from the Nazi pope on down — is told the same damn thing: Get a fucking job, you parasite.

Hat tip, Paul Barwick.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding