The best headline I’ve seen this week was over at, with this title:

Broomfield gal shows ladies how to pee like a man

The article begins:

When I was seeking out a list of all the woman-owned businesses involved in the Boulder Farmers’ Market (which by the way — who knew there were nearly 30 of them?), Katie Bauer, Boulder Market Manager, wrote back. She suggested I also get in touch with the BCFM’s accounts receivable lady, Karen Diamond, who owns her own business called Go Your Way.

Pee Your WayOf course, I immediately sought her out to learn more. When I clicked on her Web site,, it hit me: This Broomfield gal promotes a device that allows women to pee standing up. Not sure if you caught my blog on the Magic Cone, but my perceptions of this kind of device are forever changed, thanks to this lengthy yet eye-opening interview with Diamond.

From there, interviewer Brit Horvat talks to the product distributer Karen Diamond about how her business is growing.  She says in the interview:

On a serious note, they are useful for transgendered people.

So, even after the funny headline, there is a serious side to this story.  I can imagine at least a few of her customers are transmen, and I can imagine a post-op transwoman or two may find the product useful as well — it’s not just bio-women who may find this device useful.~~~~~
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Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen