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LaBarbera Banquet Cancelled

Good As You (aka G-A-Y) reports that Peter LaBarbera's “ex gay” banquet has been cancelled. Holiday Inn says they're looking out for the safety of their staff and clients, for fear of protests.

…..or maybe Holiday Inn is now aware that Peter LaBarbera is a sick man. Maybe they're now aware that Barbara voluntarily attends piss events, in which he comes home tracking in urine and semen around his children, who he's allegedly trying to protect. Maybe they're aware this sick man collects gay porn, which obviously his children finds laying around the house. Maybe they're aware that LaBarbera trolls bath-houses, and M4M gay hookup personals. Maybe they're aware Babs goes around informing children of sick fetishes, such as scat, golden showers, and beastiality.

Of course LaBarbera and his not-many supporters are screaming the obligatory “RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION!”, and acting like the jihadists they are.  According to loony website One News Now: “He calls this another example of Christians being treated as second-class citizens in U.S. society.”

Heh.  Doesn't feel too good, does it?  About time these homosex-obsessed lunatics get a taste of their own medicine.

If the city of Chicago was smart, they'd run this sick, vile “man” out of town. I wouldn't stop at banning his event at Holiday Inn. No city should have to put up with a piss wallower who's out to educate their children about vile, sick acts that only a small handful of people and couples participate in. Activities in which LaBarbera obsesses about, day in and day out.

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