Broadcast Journalism At Its Finest

reenactment.jpgDear Fellow FirePups:

In case you’re confused as to what exactly happened in that airport bathroom between Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) and that undercover cop, just click here — thanks to CBS13 TV in Sacramento — and all will be revealed. (The hand in the still shot belongs to the guy playing the role of Larry Craig.)



UPDATE:  As Glenn Greenwald pointed out, when BlogActive’s Mike Rogers first broke the news of Craig’s penchant for (illegal) airport sex back in October of last year, the Republicans were unanimous in their support of Craig and condemnation of Rogers.

And let’s not forget that they’re lockstep-solid behind Diaper David Vitter, even though he solicited hookers and Craig apparently has not.

The ONLY reasons they’re attacking Craig right now are: 1) He pled guilty (and that can’t be taken back — not in this case) and thus he’s been nailed dead to rights, 2) they don’t want this to hang around like the Mark Foley or Duke Cunningham cases (not to mention Tom DeLay or Bob Ney), and 3) since Idaho’s a Republican state with a Republican governor, they figure that if they can shame Craig into retiring ASAP, they can appoint another GOPer to replace him in time for the general election for that seat next year.

And it looks as if the campaign to force out Craig is working: He’s been forced to “temporarily” give up his committee seats, including his position as the ranking Republican on the Senate Veterans committee.  I suspect that he’s going to be gone by, oh, Friday afternoon or thereabouts.

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