What would you think would be bigger news — and hit the press quicker?

— A congressman (Bob Filner) lipping off to and pushing around airport security personnel, OR:

— A male Senator (Larry Craig) caught trying to solicit sex from a male undercover cop in an airport bathroom known as a meeting-place for sex trysts?

The Filner (Democrat) altercation happened on August 19 and was national news within hours. The Craig (Republican) incident occurred June 11, and I and the rest of the world are only hearing about it now — even though stories about the gay-bashing conservative Republican Craig’s penchant for airport sex with men have been circulating online and elsewhere for a while. (And the Idaho Statesman is good enough to admit that Mike Rogers’ BlogActive story is what started their own yearlong probe of Craig’s behavior — a probe whose fruits were kept from us until now by the paper’s timidity in the face of likely legal action on the part of Craig and Craig’s deep-pocketed backers. Of course, as Christy noted earlier, covering up same-sex incidents involving the gay-bashing Craig seems to have been a decades-long sport.)

Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman