The evolution of Jonah Goldberg…in 39 minutesByron York (on the left) and Jonah Goldberg:
The Thunder from Down Under years

Jonah Goldberg reporting from on the Red Lion Hotel in Salt Lake City.

1:02AM: Hey look at me! I’m homo bait but nobody is biting. Haw haw.

1:22AM : Gay offsets! Somebody else’s joke! I’m gonna run with it. Puffwheeze…. Okay…gasp … that’s far… hork… enough.

1:35AM : But seriously folks, Senator Craig has made a laughingstock of himself and we should learn to not judge people too harshly. Particularly on 12/26/2007.

1:41AM : Ross gives me an idea for another book! Homo Bathroomism: The Gay Temptation from George Michael to Larry Craig and Isn’t It Weird That Their Names Are, Like, Four First Names?

Then Jonah found the mini bar and he blew his advance on a family-sized KitKat bar and a Zima.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....