I Cover the Water Closet Front

Everyone else is busy covering Larry Craig, who is not “gay” so much as an unlucky guy with a bad track record when it comes to public bathrooms, but let’s not forget our good friend $20 aBob (not to be confused with 2 Buck Chuck).

Bob’s lawyers gave Assistant State Attorney Pat Whitaker one of those folded-up blue thingies that Jack McCoy is forever receiving on Law & Order and now some of the Bobbers comments after being arrested are no longer operative:

“They will still have an impact on public opinion,” said T. Wayne Bailey, a political-science professor at Stetson University in DeLand.

Allen, R-Merritt Island, is accused of agreeing to pay $20 to perform oral sex on an undercover police officer July 11 in a public-park restroom.

In the taped statement that was tossed out Monday, Allen said he was just playing along because he was intimidated by the undercover officer, who he described as a “stocky black guy,” and that he thought he was going to be robbed.

The comments prompted outrage among civil-rights groups and calls for his resignation. Since then, House Speaker Marco Rubio stripped Allen of his legislative committee appointments, saying he could “no longer effectively serve the people” of his district.


Hotusing said he would rule later on whether to allow the jury to hear two other statements Allen allegedly gave to police.

When Allen was being placed in a marked patrol car after his arrest outside Veteran’s Memorial Park, he asked whether it “would help” if he was a state legislator, according to a police report.

The officer said he replied, “No.”

Police also said Allen indicated he had $800 in his car.

Allen’s attorney, Greg Eisenmenger, said both remarks should be suppressed because Allen had not been read his Miranda rights by the arresting officer.

But Whitaker argued they were made voluntarily and should be admissible.

I think the comment about having $800 in the car may be just a tad prejudicial since it seems that Bob Allen was implying that he had enough cash on hand to blow forty cops at twenty bucks a pop, which, and not be judgmental here, seems kind of slutty.

With all of his other problems I can’t imagine he wants to be thought of as a tramp too…



Yeah. Like I would tell you....