head-in-wall.jpegFrom the “Beating My Head Against The Wall” Department:

Sadly, The Friends Committee on National Legislation, the lobbying arm of the Quakers, backs “The Iraq Study Group Implementation Act” (S. 1545 in the Senate, H.R. 2574 in the House) — even though, as they admit, it does nothing to actually bring the troops home. This is sad because the Quakers are good people and I’m afraid that they’re putting their efforts to the service of reviving a very bad bill in September.

For those who need a refresher, here’s mcjoan’s original diary on the subject. The short version: The bill is all about allowing “maverick” Republicans like Specter and DINOs like Ken Salazar to pull a fast one on their constituents, pretending to vote to bring the troops home when they actually are doing nothing of the sort. Harry Reid had killed this effort earlier by temporarily shelving the Defense Authorization bill, but it looks like the Friends Committee got snookered into trying to revive this turkey.

Aaaaargh.  (*smack* *thud* *thud*)

Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman