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Rewind classic: Alan Keyes vs. Obama on marriage equality

A gem (h/t Sully) — from a 2004 Illinois U.S. Senate race debate between Barack Obama and homophobe winger Alan Keyes.

Obama states his current separate-and-equal civil unions position, but the star of this clip is Alan Keyes, who makes the case that fire-breathing marriage equality opponents have to use irrational, almost insane thinking to justify their position. Think about it — Keyes is an educated man; can he do no better than to insist that marriage is about procreation alone, or this logic about how same-sex marriage will lead to incest. Obama slam dunks him.

KEYES: I have over here two females… those two females are intent on quote “having a child” which they cannot have, obviously, unless you involve a male. The procedures they use now by many lesbian couples now are procedures that mask the identity of the father so they will not be known. So it will not and cannot be known who is the father of that child…once you have made that effort you have produced a child who  cannot know who its father is…now if you don’t know, and have no way of ascertaining of who your father is, then you can’t know who your sisters and brothers are either. And if you can’t know who your sisters and brothers are, there is no way you can avoid having sexual relations with them. [audience laughs, Obama looks disgusted]

OBAMA: According to Mr. Keyes then, that would be true of any adoptions…it would be true any time an infertile couple gets a sperm donor to help them have a child…your logic wasn’t that complicated, it was wrong. [audience laughs.]

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding