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Question: If Brian Baird Used His Brain. . .


What would you get?

Answer: Jan Schakowsky (emphasis and photo added):

When Rep. Jan Schakowsky made her first trip to Iraq this month, the outspoken antiwar liberal resolved to keep her opinions to herself. “I would listen and learn,” she decided.

At times that proved a challenge, as when Deputy Prime Minister Barham Salih told her congressional delegation, “There’s not going to be political reconciliation by this September; there’s not going to be political reconciliation by next September.” Schakowsky gulped — wasn’t that the whole idea of President Bush’s troop increase, to buy time for that political progress?

But the real test came over a lunch with Gen. David H. Petraeus, who used charts and a laser pointer to show how security conditions were gradually improving — evidence, he argued, that the troop increase is doing some good.

Still, the U.S. commander cautioned, it could take another decade before real stability is at hand. Schakowsky gasped. “I come from an environment where people talk nine to 10 months,” she said, referring to the time frame for withdrawal that many Democrats are advocating. “And there he was, talking nine to 10 years.”


The lack of political progress among Iraq’s rival factions and Petraeus’s estimate of the time needed to stabilize the nation left Schakowsky all the more convinced that Democrats must force Bush to begin bringing troops home.jan_schakowsky_150.jpg

“This is not the structure that’s going to say, ‘Why? Why are we here? What are we really accomplishing here?’ The mission is to take down the bad guys, to establish order,” she said of her sessions with Petraeus and other military leaders. The meetings “made me feel more determined that the policy is going to have to be set in Washington, that the Congress is going to have to exert its will here to end this war.”


A co-founder of the House Out of Iraq Caucus, Schakowsky saw only fleeting glimpses of Iraqis’ day-to-day life during her one-day trip. The few times she ventured out of the Green Zone, she was in a helicopter or a speeding convoy, soldiers hanging out of the windows with machine guns, obscuring the view. She heard about dire power and water shortages, yet saw nothing firsthand.

But the military presentations left her stunned. Schakowsky said she jotted down Petraeus’s words in a small white notebook she had brought along to record her impressions. Her neat, looping handwriting filled page after page, and she flipped through to find the Petraeus section. ” ‘We will be in Iraq in some way for nine to 10 years,’ ” Schakowsky read carefully. She had added her own translation: “Keep the train running for a few months, and then stretch it out. Just enough progress to justify more time.”

“I felt that was a stretch and really part of a PR strategy — just like the PR strategy that initially led up to the war in the first place,” Schakowsky said.

Anyone want to guess how many CNN and talking head appearances Rep. Schakowsky will get over the next week?

Any idea where the Congressional leadership is in amplifying this message? Pelosi? Emanuel (cough, yarite!)? Reid (no no, yer killin’ me!)? Hoyer (no no, please, now you’re jes pilin’ on!)? I’d say it’s time to put their mugs on milk cartons, but it’s been long past that time for a while now, dontcha think?

Thank you, Rep. Schakowsky. As Darcy says, “more and better Democrats.”

Please help Darcy get to $100k this weekend, to teach Bushbot Reichert a lesson.

As of this writing, Darcy’s a little more than half way there, though every little bit helps, and the final tracking of the numbers will have to come from her campaign, since more than one page is kicking in the turkee.

Go give Darcy $5, please, to combat the zombie stupid permeating the DC water supply. (Someone must be dumping highly concentrated vats of the stuff into the Potomac basin aquifer; it leaches out everywhere. Jane and I both drink filtered water, at Kobe’s sage insistence).

PS – Think the FISA vote was no big deal? I highly recommend you see this movie.

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