The Bay Area Reporter ( has a front page article this week on the briefs filed in State Supreme Court regarding the same sex marriage case to be resolved in 2008.

Former Governor, Mayor of Oakland and boyfriend of Linda Ronstadt – and newly elected Attorney General of CA – Jerry Brown had some perplexing things to say in his briefs.  He claims that marriage is a “constitutionally insignificant label” and that same sex couples suffer no “constitutional injury” from being denied marriage licences.  

According to the BAR (“Court told marriage in insignificant label” by Matthew S. Bajko, August 23, 2007): “The arguments are the first indication of the legal strategy Attorney General Jerry Brown intends to pursue when the Supreme Court hears oral arguments in the case, which is expected to take place later this year or in early 2008.”

The BAR also points out that the Brown claims that since the LGBT community advocated for domestic partnerships, that we should not complain that DPs are not equal to marriage.

I can't help but wonder if Atty General Brown is simply trying to throw the case by making retarded statements like this or if he actually believes what he says.  Maybe this is his way of helping us win or maybe he is trying to spin off the New York State court decision from last summer that punted the issue of equality to the state legislature.  

After reading the article, I was reminded of an event that took place slightly over two years ago in San Francisco – Jerry Browns wedding.  

From an artilce about Browns wedding that appeared in the in the San Francisco Chronicle (“Oaklands royal wedding” by Leah Garchik, June 19, 2005):

On March 15, the day lawyer and then-Gap Chief Administrative Officer Anne Baldwin Gust turned 47, the mayor of Oakland and would-be state attorney general (Brown) proposed marriage. “First of all, she wanted a ring,'' he laughed yesterday, in response to a question about why he'd decided to make a marital move.”

Was that a constitutionally insignificant ring you gave her, Jerry?  

If marriage is so insignificant, they why did Anne want it so bad?  Why did you agree to marry her if its so insignificant? 

If marriage is so insignificant, then why should I be denied it? 




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