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Atlanta: LA Fitness slapped with anti-gay harassment lawsuit

I received an email today from attorney Steve Koval (former online editor at Window Media), with an outrageous case of anti-gay harassment and assault threat at an LA Fitness in Atlanta.

Attorney Seth Persily is a member of the Lenox/Buckhead LA Fitness says that on July 18, one of the gym’s employees went on homophobic tirade.  (SoVo):

Persily claims in court documents that as he worked out using an elliptical training machine, a female gym guest and a gym employee identified as “Willy” were working out using a machine situated directly to Persily’s right hand side.

“As Seth was exercising, he could not avoid hearing the woman and Willy talking. The woman and Willy made anti-gay comments,” the suit alleges.

According to Koval, Willy’s conversation with the woman concerned men who live seemingly straight lives but who seek gay sex on the “down low.”

Persily allegedly interrupted Willy and the woman to ask them to cease any anti-gay comments in his presence. Willy then told Persily that “gay men are nasty,” according to the lawsuit.

Persily then questioned Willy about his status as an L.A. Fitness employee —  pinpointing that Willy was wearing an L.A. Fitness uniform at the time. Willy refused to answer Persily’s questions and challenged Persily in “a threatening manner” to “come and try to take this shirt off me and let’s see what happens,” court documents said.

Click image to enlarge. The lawsuit document is here (PDF).

Koval said that he’s glad to be back “fighting the bad guys” fomenting homophobia. He also told the Voice This was filed so that gay people see that they don’t have to take this kind of garbage. “If more of us said, ‘the only way to stop this kind of thing is to stand up for ourselves’, then it wouldn’t happen.”

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