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Life after relocation as a transwoman,

I first want to thank Pam and Kate, As Pam puts on this site very interesting articals, and Kate staying with Pam.  A Match made for life right there. 

  I have gotten replies to my comments, some serious, some lacking taste, as some requesting me to replace keyboards, and moniters, as they blane me for damaging their computers, as they laughted while drinking a cup of coffee.  Well Josh W. cheetoes comment did same to mine, and Jami, I am Glad you a Pepsi girl.

  CK, you have given me joy and insite, as well as holly capolti (forgive spelling)  Paull in SF, you have made me laugh, and think, and make it hard on a blonde when I have to think hard. Sorry Holly you hard drive went Ka-putz.  To Lev, my 15 year old reading twi of your books, she really enjoys them.

  Underbear, I know you changed your name here, but it is the same writing that comes from your heart, angry about AIDES, and I can’t blame you from what all you have shared, I just hope your gun is as legal as my 9mm.

  To Rodger in DC, you replied to a post I put out there reguarding state lines and divorse including children.

  Kat and Auttumn, the two of you have given me more insight on the battles we still have, and keep up the goood work,  Happy cat and family thanks you for it!

  Yes. all the help I have gotten from Pam;s house blend has been wonderful,

  Russ, you gave my mom on a new view of medical Maryjane, you got a supportter there.

  after the flip;To all the blenders, I say Thank You From the top to bottom of my heart.  It was with your support, I stayed strong, and won in the state of Flor-DUH.

  My daughters are in school, started Aug 20th, and so far they doing great,  Thank you for being a fried and supporter,  MEOW, meams love from our hearts!!

  Thaks again Barbra Lynn AKA Happy Cat,

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