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Bush Dog Brian Baird


I suppose every circus needs its freaks, and the well-choreographed “surge is working” sideshow has recruited Brian Baird to be the Democratic House member appointed to be Dick Cheney’s trained monkey.

How very helpful. Despite the fact that this is the bloodiest summer ever in Iraq, we are not supposed to believe our lying ears and eyes. Instead we are supposed to believe — Brian Baird.

Who is Baird, anyway? Well he’s one of Matt Stoller’s Bush Dogs, who voted against the House version of Jim Webb’s bill to give the troops mandatory rest.

Says Howie:

His district spreads out on both sides of the 5 Freeway between Olympia and Vancouver (Washington). He’s a Blue Dog and a member of the anti-worker/anti-consumer New Democratic Coalition (think Ellen Tauscher). He has a middle-of-the-road voting record over all, but he has been fairly supportive of the Bush Regime agenda in Iraq, voting for example, with the Republicans and against the Democrats on HR 2206, May 24’s bill to fund the war without withdrawal deadlines; with the Republicans and against the Democrats on HR 6061 (the so-called “Secure Fence Act”); with the Republicans and against the Democrats on the circus known as the Flag Desecration Amendment; and with the Republicans and against the Democrats in making the Terri Schiavo dispute a federal case. In other words, he isn’t exactly a Democrat you want to support or trust– unless you’re the right-wing propaganda rag, National Review. The stay the course crowd over there loves Brian Baird.

To be fair to Tauscher, she has been better of late. But this guy needs a come-to-Jesus moment, real fast. Anybody know what his district looks like?

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