UPDATE: I had requested that my site be classified as “Political/Advocacy Groups”, which was the closest match on SonicWall’s list.  Instead, it’s been designated “Glamour/Society”.  I may not stop laughing for weeks — months, even.  Pam has seen me F2F, and she can testify that “glamour” is not in my vocabulary.


During the school year, I frequently find myself at Panera Bread, enjoying a bagel and coffee or a bowl of soup while I avail myself of the free wireless and write without the distractions I find at home.  Yeah, the kids are in school, but there’s always that disgusting litter box or a load of laundry calling my name.  Leaving the house means I don’t have to ignore the little voice that tells me I should be doing something else.

I made my first foray of the new school year today, intending to complete another chapter of the long-awaited mystery novel.  I got my delicious chicken strawberry something or other salad and connected to Panera’s wireless network.  Clicked on my link to the blog (yes, I was procrastinating) and got a message from something called Sonic Wall telling me my site had been blocked.

Because it’s been classified as pornography.

Okay, I know my language can get a bit salty now and then, but I don’t think even Mitt Romney would consider my writing to be pornographic.  Well, unless he got pissed about that separated at birth post I did featuring him side by side with Bob the Enzyte Guy.  Maybe Birmingham City Councilor Joel Montgomery turned me in because he got tired of seeing his mug shot at the Blues.  Or maybe — just maybe — the word “queer” in my URL raised a red flag with the Sonic Wall folks.  I hope that’s not the case.

Anyway, I was given the opportunity to challenge the categorization, which I did, and now Sonic Wall has three to five business days to re-evaluate and let me know its decision.  Meanwhile, I guess I’ll have to stay home.

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