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Mutts Against Mitt

tmpphpdykiom.jpgOkay let’s just get this out of the way up front. Nobody has peed on more bushes, sniffed more dog butt or chased more squirrels than me hollering “screw Michael Vick.” I don’t get the guy. Who gets off watching dogs tear each other apart, and then hangs them if they underperform? He’s got some serious problems.

But in light of the NAACP’s call today that after Michael Vick has paid his debt he ought to be allowed to return to football, I thought I would add my two cents. And I think the whole thing needs to be put in context.

Michael Vick is a football player. Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani are running for President. Mitt Romney blithely tortured his dog by tying it to the top of his car for 12 hours until it defecated down the back window under the stress, then thought of himself as a real smart feller because he grabbed a hose and washed it off. That particular incident of cruelty and callousness towards animals barely even charted with Our Elite Media.

Then there’s Judy Giuliani, who demonstrated medical staples on dogs for fun and profit who were killed afterwards. I really just do not see that she did anything that wasn’t just as bad as Michael Vick, with the exception that the medical industrial complex managed to buy her way into legality. It’s still cruel and immoral as hell, but we really didn’t hear much about that when the vultures were circling Michael Vick, did we? It would have been the perfect time to mention it, a wonderful correlating story, but we got…zip. Nada. Nothing.

Why, one might ask, are two people engaged in the race for the nation’s highest office not given more scrutiny on this front than a professional football player? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending Michael Vick’s actions. And I don’t know that the NFL, a company with a brand to think about, wants to be associated with animal cruelty in the future after Vick has done his time. But if that’s the case, shouldn’t the United States of America be a bit more worried about electing a President who openly embraces similar behavior? Because while Rudy didn’t exactly exterminate the brutes himself, I didn’t hear him utter a word against it. (Does anybody think he wouldn’t?)

We heard about John Edwards’ haircut nonstop. The stories of Mitt and Judy Giuliani torturing dogs barely lasted a day. Then Michael Vick entered the headlines, and it’s not that the story itself had no native appeal, because that’s all we’ve heard about for days. So enquiring hounds want to know. What is it about Michael Vick that makes him more worthy of being publicly pilloried than Mitt or Judy?

Also, as Matt Cooper notes, factory farming in this country pretty much institutionalizes cruelty to animals. Are people just wake up to this stuff?

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