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Minnesota adds to the GOP moral values hit parade

Let me introduce you to the latest float in the GOP parade.

Tim Droogsma, a former press secretary to a U.S. senator and a Minnesota governor, was arrested Tuesday in a midafternoon prostitution sting on St. Paul’s East Side.

He allegedly arranged a deal for sex from an undercover officer through Craig’s List, police spokesman Tom Walsh said Wednesday.

In the 80s, Droogsma served as spokesman for Sen. Rudy Boschwitz (R)  and Governor Arne Carlson in the 90s.

Droogsma denies the allegation with a familiar defense.

Asked Wednesday about his arrest, Droogsma wrote in an e-mail: “Obviously, I’m deeply embarrassed by this allegation, which is not true and which is the result of a severe misunderstanding, and I look forward to making my case in court.”

He declined to explain the misunderstanding.

Hat tip, Maggi A.


While we’re on Minnesota fun, Avidor at Dump Mark Olsen (Olsen’s the anti-gay lawmaker convicted of domestic assault against his wife) has a video up on this:

While maintenance on the rotting 35W bridge was deferred, right-wing “no new taxes” Republicans were promoting a fantasy transportation boondoggle at the Minnesota legislature that could have cost the taxpayers of Minnesota millions of dollars. Rep. Mark Olson (R-Big Lake) and Rep. Bruce Anderson (R-Buffalo) appear in the video (with then Mpls Councilman Dean Zimmermann (Green Party), now in a federal correctional facility in Littleton, Colorado serving a sentence for accepting bribes from a Republican developer).

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