Our verisimilitude is more verisimilitudier
than your verisimilitude

Victor Davis Where’s My 300 Royalty Check? Hanson in National Review Online:

After reviewing the latest critique of the CIA’s failures to foresee the pre-9/11 dangers of radical Islam, and while reading the final sordid details surrounding the Pvt. Beauchamp fables published at The New Republic, and viewing the latest phony wire-photos from Iraq (the poor victimized Iraqi woman holding unfired cartridges as ‘proof’ of coalition bullets that hit her home), I was wondering who will monitor our self-righteous monitors?

The answer, like it or not, in the post-Plame, post-Scheuer, post-Tenet era is that no one believes much what the CIA says any more about the Middle East; no one believes that a wire-photo from there is genuine or its caption accurate; and no one necessarily believes anything in once respected magazines, whether the Periscope section of Newsweek or anything published in The New Republic. The common gripe is that the administration lied to the public about WMD in Iraq; but what is lost is that once revered institutions proved disingenuous in their accusations and unreliable in their performance.

And here I thought we were living in the post-Armstrong Williams, post-Pat Tillman, post-Jeff Gannon, post-Karen Ryan, post-Amir Taheri era.

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