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Tell Us, Oh Wise One

2d949561-aa82-4c7e-87a5-b643b97d9b97-big.jpgWhile I know it’s conventional wisdom to confuse Karl Rove with the Oracle at Delphi, let’s dial it back to what CW was only a short time ago:

If you turn on any radio station or read any article in virtually any newspaper, the consensus is that the American voter prefers Democrats to Republicans and that the Democrats have a legitimate shot to take over both houses of Congress. Such news ought to make Democrats so hopeful that they’re spending their evenings crouching in corners, fingertips in their mouths, chattering with glee, like little devious children as they try to figure out how they will change government during the coming years.

Don’t believe it for a second. Here’s a prediction: Democrats will not take over either house of Congress. They will make gains that will ultimately be characterized by the news media as “disappointing”. Why do I believe this? I believe this because Karl Rove says so. As repulsed as I am to admit it, Karl Rove knows more about the American voter than all Democrats put together. Karl Rove has been right about everything for the last seven years and I, for one, don’t expect anything to change. During interviews about the upcoming elections, Rove just sits there like a political Buddha and calmly explains why he believes Democrats will not take control of anything. If Karl Rove says it, I believe it. Democrats ought to take heed, but they don’t. They are too politically stupid. After all this time, they still don’t get it.

Karl Rove said that if the Democrats spoke about the war it would be political suicide in ’06, and the chattering class could not stop repeating that. If Karl Rove says that Hillary Clinton is bad for the Democrats, I think it’s pretty safe to assume she’d massacre any Republican opponent she might run against.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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