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Gannascoli Isn't "A Great Supporter Of The Gay Community" After All

Sadly, the “A Cue To Die For” story continues.

Joseph R. GannascoliAfter telling the Miami Herald “I had no idea [the pool cue] would create this sort of uproar…I’m a great supporter of the gay community,” Soprano’s star Joseph R. Gannascoli apparently has had a change of heart.

From the Miami Herald (via the Seattle Times):

On Friday, Gannascoli had a few words for GLAAD.

“I’m taking it personal that this has come so far,” he said. “I’m mad at GLAAD. M-A-A-D.”

Gannascoli said GLAAD doesn’t care about the abuse he’s taken since playing Vito. “Sopranos” fans have called him names, he said, and he’s been attacked in a nightclub.

“In my neighborhood! In Brooklyn! I defended it. I say it’s a … role, morons. It’s in every walk of life. Get used to it.”

From appearing apologetic about the name of his signature pool cue being offensive to many LGBT people, to now being mad the pool cue was taken off the market, it’s seems that Gannasocli isn’t and wasn’t that “great supporter of the gay community” he claimed to be.

All praise the mighty dollar appears to be Gannasocli’s motto. This incident’s impact on his pocketbook appears to be more important than his image in the LGBT community.

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Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen