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Rick Scarborough: what's next – bestiality, crossdressing debates?

Do these people ever tire of dipping into the same sleazy well? Hat tip to Right Wing Watch again for this incredible nonsense out of the mouth of Vision America’s Rick Scarborough about the HRC/LOGO presidential forum. In his eyes it’s a slippery slope to Santorumville:

This week every single Democrat candidate participated in a first ever homosexual sponsored debate carried live on a homosexual television network.

…So far this political season we have had Frosty the Snowman asking questions over YouTube and now the “Gay Debates” to see just which candidate is willing to grant the most favor to a lifestyle which historical Christianity calls sinful. What’s next? The Cross Dresser Debates? Or perhaps the NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Lovers Association) Debates? Or here’s one for the ages — The Bestiality Debates. Not possible? That’s what I thought about our leaders attending a debate sponsored by homosexuals twenty years ago.

Need I tell you at the bottom of his article he begs for cash: “Make a donation to support the ongoing work of Vision America Action by clicking here. Your donation will immediately impact the future of our nation.

He obviously needs the cash. His “70 Weeks to Save America” Campaign is in debt. 70 Weeks is Rick’s tour with Alan Keyes and a cavalcade of bible-beaters traveling around the country to hold rallies in advance of the 2008 election to focus on “biblical and family values, and religious liberty.” Some video for your entertainment:

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding