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Howie Takes A Ride

two.jpgHowie Klein rode next to Peter Beinart on a cross-country flight last week and came away with the opinion that my dogs would be better at determining US foreign policy.

Yesterday while discussing his new film No End In Sight director Charles Ferguson had this to say about his fellow wonks from the Brookings Institute:

I have found O’Hanlon and Pollack to be quite intellectually dishonest, and I’m very disappointed in the role they have played. Factually, their recent comments are quite dubious, and were based on a very brief trip completely supervised by the U.S. military.

When you think about the bona fides of people whose august opinons are treated with great reverence by Those Who Matter, a pack of poodles really doesn’t seem like they could do much worse.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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