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And now, a testimony in song by Brother Breaud — on homosexuality

Remember our chastity singalong friend over at GodTube, Robert “Abstinence” Breaud?

If it wasn’t bad enough that his singing and songwriting skills leave much to be desired (“Girls, he’s lying when he says he needs it. Boys, she’s going to give you a disease.”), but he’s also a “former homosexual” (he “lived in the homosexual lifestyle for nearly twenty years” and repented).  Yes, an ex-gay — though I don’t think anyone will pay him to go professional in that regard.

Without further delay, view the live performance (with a mocking audience) of his epic ditty, “It’s Not OK To Be Gay! (It’s not OK to be a homo)”…

Beware — this outlandish song will stick in your head.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding