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Why The “Ex Gays” Will Never Be Taken Seriously

The longer the “ex gay” debate goes on, the kookier the so-called “ex gays” get.

Each and every one of the “lead ex gays” has proven themselves to be nutty kooks with a Nazi agenda for the gays. All of the “lead ex gays” have talked about how gays should either be exterminated, quarantined, or should be treated as criminals, with gay sex being a punishable offense. All “ex gays” also endlessly quote reject quack doctor Paul Cameron, a neo-Nazi who actually called for the extermination of gays in the USA in the 1980’s.

Right there is reason enough for sane people to look at the “ex gays” like the nutballs they are.

These so-called “ex gays” come across as bitter queens who married a woman to piss off some ex, or as somebody who got rejected one too many times. The rest of them are nothing but untreated drug addicts, many of them just hitting rock bottom right before their “ex gay” revelation.

The “ex gays” talk about how they partied non-stop, had taken every drug from E to X, slept with half of the men in their city, got several forms of VD, and so on. These untreated drug addict “ex gays” project their former “lifestyle” and use it to paint every single gay person as exactly how they used to behave. These nutcases are only telling everyone how filthy THEY used to be, and in many cases, they STILL go out and do the things they preach against and say they USED to do (known as “slipping”, a common and frequent “accident” in the “ex gay” community).

The only “criminals” are the so-called “ex gays”. If they’ve “left the gay lifestyle”, then why do pretty much all of them either make a living off of their “ex gay” status, or they are constantly begging for donations? Not to mention gay sex is all they ever talk about – and lots of it! A better way to describe most ex gays is “all-consumed and obsessed about gay sex”.

Another thing I’ve asked before that has never been answered is the fact that all the “lead ex-gays” claim all gays are pedophiles. If that’s true, then does that make the “ex gays” as “ex pedophiles”, and what is their excuse? Why isn’t Stephen Bennett, Alan Chambers, John Paulk, Matt Sanchez, and that bunch in prison? The next time you talk to an “ex gay”, ask him why did he molest all those children when he was openly gay. Just because they’re an “ex gay” now doesn’t excuse them for raping all of those kids back then!

These people are just too fucked-up and nutty to be taken seriously. Good thing people are starting to see what kind of quacks they are!

Let’s hope the APA cuts into their payroll, because it’s an undeserved gay-obsessed salary. No emotionally vulnerable and confused gay person should have to cough up thousands of dollars just to cuddle with Richard Cohen, after a few rounds of beating a sofa with a tennis racket, and screaming hysterically. Nuts! (rolling my eyes)

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