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Mervgate – piece scrubbed from Hollywood Reporter

If you read the earlier thread on Merv Griffin’s closet, you know that The Hollywood Reporter yanked the Ray Richmond piece, “Griffin never revealed man behind the curtain,” not only from its site, but also scrubbed it from Richmond’s blog, Past Deadline, which is owned by the Reporter. [BTW, you can still find it on Reuters’ web site. Oops – apparently not — see the comments.]

Richmond, who worked on Griffin’s talk show, was frank about the fact that the mogul’s orientation was well-known in the industry, and it’s clear that some big shots out there wanted this story squashed.

Kevin Allman has just interviewed Richmond about “Mervgate:”

Q. Do you think they were pressured to take it down?

A. Sure. I’m sure it was taken down because there was fear of litigation, and that the post was libelous and/or defamatory. And I certainly don’t believe that to be the case.

Q. Have you talked to your editors or bosses at The Hollywood Reporter?

A. I will have discussions with them, and I will hope at some point we can have it restored online. It seems that scotching the post gives the appearance of liability when there isn’t any. It was simply a factual, very informed discussion of the larger issue of the media’s difficulty in allowing someone to be labeled as gay in the mainstream, as if that is somehow a huge shame. My whole reason for doing the piece for the Reporter was to shine a light on that fact. Unfortunately that appears to be the case…even internally.

There’s much more — go read the rest at Kevin’s pad. Let’s see if The Hollywood Reporter manages to get Richmond’s piece pulled from Reuters.

It’s the closet cases of Hollywood running and screaming for the padlock. All of them are probably now wondering whether a former co-worker is going to pen a piece about their lives on the DL when they kick the bucket.

[UPDATE: Mike Signorile just emailed me and said that he’s just received confirmation from the Hollywood Reporter — the column was pulled “at the request of the editor.”

UPDATE 2: It’s back up, lolololol.]

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