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If you're tired of posts about Bob Allen, keep scrolling…

However, if you’ve not had enough servings of Republican sexual hypocrite schadenfreude, read on about today’s news.

BJ Bob, who represents District 32 of the Florida State House of Representatives for the moment, continues his downward spiral. First it was the mysterious menacing stocky black men (one in the stall and the rest outside in the Titusville, FL park) that forced him to offer to pay to blow the undercover officer in a unique self-defense maneuver; now he says he’s perhaps “the most misunderstood guy on Earth.” Today the Florida state rep was stripped of his committee appointments by House Speaker Marco Rubio — Allen stuck his foot in his mouth again with this gem, via Howie Klein:

Republicans, embarrassed, especially because Allen is a notorious and loudmouthed homophobe, are trying to pressure him to resign and disappear before the election so that their party won’t be tarred with yet another hypocritical sex deviant.

Instead of resigning, Allen lashed out at Rubio and seems to have attacked Cuban-Americans, a dominant force in the Florida GOP. “In Cuba, that’s where you are charged by police, wrapped up and sent off as guilty without a trial. That’s a Cuba thing, something Fidel Castro does.” Rubio, “of course,” is Cuban-American. But Allen said he meant any totalitarian regime, “Cuba is just the closest one.”

Lest you think Allen is only a tad delusional, check out this — he plans to run for the state Senate in 2010: “I’m waiting for the politics to say it’s OK to hug Bob Allen again — and they will,” he said.

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