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Domenici and Rove

The Great Orange Satan links to an article tracking Heather Wilson’s Senate campaign activities, suggesting that she’s angling to replace Domenici. Markos notes what the local bloggers don’t–that Domenici may actually be thinking of retiring to spend time with Karl Rove’s family.

An intriguing bit of intel from folks down in New Mexico:

She’s recently been in Clovis, Los Alamos and Las Cruces. Now one ofthe Alligators has an unconfirmed report that ABQ GOP Rep. HeatherWilson has had an appearance slated for Farmington. You know the score,but it bears repeating. Wilson is positioning herself for the US senateseat held by Senator Domenici–just in case. Domenici is indeed runningfor a seventh term in ’08, but frail health is the opponent that couldkeep him out of the race. He is 75.

Frail health and the U.S. Attorney scandal, a potent combination.

I find the timing on this curious. As I suggested the other day, there’s a lot of reason to suspect Rove may be getting nervous about the White House cover-up of the reasons why Iglesias was fired.

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