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“Ex-Gay Therapy”…Let the buyer beware…

“Conversion attempts mostly lead to harm.”  That's what Jack Drescher, M.D. a distinguished  fellow of the American Psychiatric Association reports on the subject.  In an article appearing today at,  Dr. Drescher points out the fact that of the few scientific studies available on the issue of sexual reorientation  “most [subjects] do not change”.   
Dr. Drescher's most damaging argument against the so-called reparative therapies highlight its harmful effects.
Most people seeking change (and therapists trying to change them) believe no price is too high to pay to become heterosexual. However, there are growing reports of people who tried to change, failed, and then felt worse than when they started. Yet, rather than faulting the treatment, they blame themselves, leading to increased feelings of depression, hopelessness, shame and anxiety. Some became suicidal.

Some enter heterosexual marriages — often with a therapist's encouragement or urging. Some have children. However, marriage and children do not necessarily end homosexual desires. Some families fall apart. Those who do not believe in divorce live in tragic circumstances.

I remain of the opinion that such questionable attempts to change sexual orientation are little more than an inoculation against guilt for those seeking to harm members of the LGBT community.  As it turns out, this bitter pill does more harm than good.  

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