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The GOP – The Party To Kill For…

collinslieberman.jpgIt appears Susan Collins doesn’t want to risk having a career ending blooper, like George “Macacca” Allen. One of her supporters posted this yesterday on the Maine Web Report:

Markos Moulitsas’s hate-site The Daily Kos, the foul-mouthed fem-blog FiredogLake, and other ‘netroots’ extremists like, have become the dominant fundraisers for Tom Allen’s senate campaign. This may be good news for Allen financially, but allowing these fringe fanatics to take over his campaign is creating a political atmosphere that will undoubtedly be rejected by Maine voters come next November.

Tom Allen’s involvement with these groups, particularly his participation in the website The Daily Kos, came onto the radar screen of Maine voters recently, as national media exposed a pattern of hateful, vulgar, and anti-semitic postings on the site. Now Allen’s extremist friends have landed on the ground in Maine, and are engaging in the same childish bullying campaign tactics that made Connecticut voters reject their attempts to unseat Senator Joe Lieberman in 2006.

Yes, civil discourse and clean campaign tactics are clearly the hallmark of the Collins’ team, aren’t they?  The comments have been very interesting on MWR, especially this one:


(click the image to go to the actual comment)

So is it an “extremist” position to take interest in your own political party and try to get your people elected, and to hold elected officials accountable for their conduct and policy positions while in office and for their public statements while running for re-election?  Or would it be considered “extremist” to wish for innocent Americans to die in a terrorist attack just so your party could gain political support? Perhaps Sen. Susan Collins can answer that.

Feel free to throw some campaign cash Tom Allen’s way if you can…it really bothers Collins’ team.

(Photo via the Senate Homeland Security committee website showing “Chairman Susan Collins and Ranking Member Joseph Lieberman join President Bush as he signs into law the Collins-Lieberman Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act. (December 17, 2004).  As you can see, linking Collins and Lieberman together as policy and political pals isn’t exactly difficult.)

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