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Rev. Tinkywinky's insurance pays off Liberty U.'s debts

He did it for the fundie students of tomorrow.

The Rev. Jerry Falwell left a $34 million parting gift to Liberty University and Thomas Road Baptist Church when he passed away May 15.

“That means the university is completely debt-free now and beginning to work on endowment,” LU Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. announced from the TRBC sanctuary Friday afternoon.

…His father looked at the policies as a way to ensure the future of the college, and the most recent policy was bought in September 2006, Falwell said.The insurance money will help put the rapidly-growing university on solid footing. LU expects more than 10,000 students on campus this year.

“It allows us to remain committed to what Liberty is all about,” Falwell said.

Hat tip, Roger.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding